August 27 Shift 

9am-3:30pm shift today! Went by really quick! Funny how my store has a few girl coworkers who always seem to gossip about everything and everybody! That’s something interesting that goes on around the store. I got 3 credits today, and x’ amount of loyalties. Not bad, and time went by really quick. I had Dani and Amanda on my side of the registers and it wasn’t too busy, so I had some time off of the registers to do other projects.

Tomorrow, 9am-5pm …. LEGGO


August 20 Shift 

Worked the usual 9-5pm shift I’ve been getting the past month! I’m starting to get really used to 8 hour shifts. In fact I clocked out at 5:28pm yesterday so that puts me at full 8 including my lunch. 

Credit Wise, got about 3 or 4. Can’t remember. Very slow day, our credit goal was 13. Although it was slow, I was alone on the registers as it was just single coverage on my side, EVEN THO men’s side had double coverage. LAME. I like having people to talk to haha. So because of this it felt pretty busy because all of the customers go to me basically.

A lady really complimented me about my future career, and it was a great feeling. She also has a really cute daughter too. Nice legs. ;). Anyways, Another 8 hour shift on Aug 21…. shoooooot.


August 17 Shift! 

Worked my 4th consecutive 7+ hour shift this week, and today is a 9am-5pm shift.

Ended up with 6 credits, and time went by really fast today. I had to help grab bags and receipt tape from the dock which took about 10-15 minutes, then took my break, and then went on the training for the Kohl’s Rewards program, which took another 20 minutes, so in reality, a lot of my 9-5 shift is spent off the register, which I like once in a while. It changes up the scenery lol. 

Still ended up with 6  credits. Our store manager did a little competition with credit since our goal was 60. The person who gets a credit holds possession of a fish. The fish is then passed around to the next person who gets credit. At any given point of the day, our 01 will call ‘hot fish’ (hence hot potato) and the person who has the fish will be award FIVE DOLLARS in cash. SWEET. Didn’t win today though but sounds like a great incentive on top of the commission you already get for opening a kohl’s charge.


August 13 Thoughts 

Glad to have two days off in a row! It really doesn’t matter to me at this point which days I have off, so I’m definitely not complaining! I’m doing some R&R today and yesterday as well. I’ma hit the gym right now and just a shout out to my followers that I’m here and I’m active blogging bout retail and kohl’s!! :)


August 6 & 7 Shifts 

Aug 6 - My supposed day off, but I was called in and I gladly accepted to work 11-3pm. I had about 2 credits and I wanted a bit more hours, so I came in. It was also right after a good work out so it all worked out for me!

2 credits.

Aug 7 - The more interesting shift! I woke up around 8 and by then I realized I had no time to do a work out. It was okay because it is my scheduled rest day anyways. My shift is 9am-5pm. I came in as the opener and everything seemed fine. 2 hours into the shift I go on my break. I ate a full meal (about 1000 cals) and when I came back out I felt nausaus and had a terrible headache. It occurred to me randomly and I did not anticipate it coming on to me at all. I stuck through because I thought it would be temporary, but it lingered for a couple hours to the point where I started feeling cold and weak. I ended up telling the E3 I had to leave because let’s face it, I was feeling VERY bad. So bad that I seriously couldn’t finish my shift. Thankfully I am recovered but it took me all of the night and the next day to get off the pain :(

In any case, I still ended up with 2-3 credits!


August 4 Shift POS 

Today is my 3:00pm-9:30pm closing shift.

I came in right after church at 2:10pm to get some SHOPPING done! Today is our last day of our 20% friends/family and tax relief days. My goodness it was crazy closing, because we had a long line even after the store was closed. Last customer didn’t leave until 9:20. Good thing I had an extra POS to help me close the misses side registers. We had a lot of gobacks, holds, and hangers. We finished at about 10:20pm! Took us really almost an hour to finish everything. I did have a fun time joking around with my classics closers as we made ‘bird call’ noises and other funny, silly conversations.

POS Stats: 7 credits, 4 approved, 3 denied. 0 emails. LOL. 7.0 hours worked.