Hey Andre ive been working at kohls for a month now and i love it so far usually i work in the afternoon but tomorrow i am opening in the morning. Do you know if i would have to go an hour before my shift starts or ten minutes before i clock in

Hey Karyy,

You probably are already working, but uh, to answer your question, you would have to just clock in right at when your shift begins, regardless if you open; If you schedule 6am-2pm (6am open), then you just clock in at 6am. 

If the door is locked in the front, there should be a button you can press to buzz in, or just push the sliding doors open.


Hi Andre, I have a question Yesterday a customer came in and they wanted 15% off plus additional 15% off senior discount, and another 20% for pick a day. Was I allowed to give them all that? Most Associates just say to go ahead instead of arguing with the customer because at the end customer gets what they want anyways. I didnt want to ask my E3 in case they got mad. Help! Thanks :)

Hello Beauty,

I can only speak for my store’s policies (0695) and our managers and as a 2-7 agree that we can only honor (1) % off in a specific transaction. Therefore they can only get a 20% pick a day; they cannot get a 20% + 15 + 15.

In the case a customer is seriously complaining, then I can see why you would give them a couple % off, but we RARELY do that, if at all. Don’t simply listen to your peers because at the end of the day, it might cost you your job if Loss Prevention notices you’re giving discounts that shouldn’t be given.


Help! I got 3 credits today and kept having to call my E3 to come and help me with applying the customer. -_- so embarrassing! Would you mind explaining to me what to do on the register when a customer is interested in applying for a Kohls card? I think the reason I don't sell more credit is because I am confused on how to do it and don't want the customer to wait around for me to figure it out. Thanks!

Hello Molly Smith!

Congratulations on achieving 3 credits in your shift! That’s amazing!

You have two options: you can allow them to fill out the questions on the pin pad, or you can manually enter their information on the computer. (I personally do the computer).

Hit Quick Credit above Modify Transaction. 

Hit New Credit Button

Ask for ID.

Fill out the form, pressing tab on each line of information required (it’s faster). You will need to ask for their social number, phone number, current address (if the addy is different from license), and income. The rest of the information is provided on the drivers license.

Hit submit application

Ask for signature on pin pad.

Enter Associate ID, process! THATS IT :)

Hey Andre! I just started working at kohls & tomorrow is my 4th time working at POS & it's BLACK FRIDAY! I was wondering if a costumer decides to sign up for a kohls charge they automatically get a 20%off even if they weren't approved but what if they were approved and get the 20% off but also have a scratcher w/ an additional percent off or another coupon of a percent off. I know you can't use 2 but will it be acceptable to use 2 percent offs if 1s bc of the charge card or is it still only 1?

Hey Lonely Lust, 

BLACK FRIDAY HERE WE COME! It’s going to be an exciting time for each of us to witness the madness that is called Black Friday. Whether they are approved or not, the policy is that we only give 1 percent off coupon per transaction. So, if they got approved for the 15-20-30%, they cannot stack that with another yes pass or scratcher. They can stack more than 1 dollar off but never 1 percent off*

*this information is from my region of Kohl’s. it MAY be possible your store allows more than 1 % off, but we don’t here, unless they are associates or special events.

Hi Andre :) I just started working at Kohls two days ago as a POS. I really like it however I feel I am little slow doing transactions and the customers sometimes stand there waiting for me to bag there items then take their payment :( And not to mention I havent even got any credits :( customers usually say no & by the 2nd try they just wana snap at me lol. Please help! :) Thanks

Hello Beauty, 

Welcome to the Kohl’s team! I’m glad to hear you’re from POS because you MAKE MORE MONEY there. Personally, I do not spend a lot of time folding/organizing the merchandise into the bag; I make it acceptable where the customer doesn’t feel I’m throwing it in the bag, but I’m not going to take so much time to make it as neat as possible. In fact, customers tend to want to be in and out of the line.

Always ask at least twice, and maybe more depending on how the customer reacts; it is hard to type in words how to gauge this, but just feel if the customer is agitated, or if they are on the fence. Always solicit the DOLLAR AMOUNT they save. Don’t say “you save 15 or 20%”, rather, say you save “30 dollars right off” (if they spend 100 for example).

Hope this helps! For any more inquiries pls msg me!


Hey, Andre! I've been working at Kohl's for almost 6 months now, but am a bit confused about the Dream Receipt... we're starting it in a week and I'm still not sure what it is and what I should do if one of my customers gets one? Thanks in advance, love your blog! :)

Hey Sam,

I’ll fill you in on how my store does the “Dream Receipt”. It is essentially at random (so they say). You just go about ringing up the customer using GREAT, and your E3 or store manager will target which customer will win the Dream Receipt. They will approach the customer AFTER they paid for their purchases and BEFORE they leave the building, and notify them that they are the lucky winner! They make a big deal out of it by going on the PA and announcing it to everyone at Kohl’s. 

So in short, you as POS have nothing to do with the Dream Receipt. You just ring them up as usual! That’s my experience :) Hope it helps. Good luck.

Hi Andre! I just started working at Kohls about a week ago. I was put as a POS and am slowly learning how to operate the register. Would you mind explaining to me how you can combine the Kohls cash when a customer hands you some? Or what to do on the register menu when they want to use their Kohls Cash? Would that go under 'dollar off' menu? Thanks so much! I love your blog!

Hello Molly Smith,

Your question involves Kohl’s Cash.

1. Customers can use Kohl’s Cash on and/or after the dates posted on front. If you scan them during the proper duration at the point of sale, the Kohl’s Cash will automatically apply to the transaction. (19.99 purchase less 10.00 kohl’s cash = 9.99 + tax = 10.79 for example).

2. If the Kohl’s Cash is expired: “Kohl’s Cash is expired.” Tap “Balance Inquiry”. If there is a balance on it, most stores will use the Yes We Can policy to allow it. Simply press modification on the bottom right hand corner, then click dollar off. Then subsequently type in the amount it had a balance of. 

3. They can combine as many Kohl’s Cash as they want since they are earned.

Hope this helps! Good luck on POS! I love POS.

Hi I have a quick question. I just started working at kohls and I was wondering what o five hundreds are? Are they clothes that people brought to the register but decided they didn't want to purchase or are they merchandise people have returned? Also what do you do at the end of a shift as pos?

Thank you for your question, whales.

500’s is code for “go-backs”, which basically mean that these are merchandise that have been returned from customers, or merchandise that have been left at registers. Those merchandise will have to be put back to its rightful place, and the term 500’s covers all of them in general.

"All departments to customer service for their 500’s" is a often used term at Kohls.

As POS, at the end of the shift you are to clean your register and put away all 500s that you are responsible for. You will ensure that you have a POS associate there to take care of the line once you leave. If your shift is until 5pm, for example, and it’s 5:00, and you’re the only one there, don’t just leave. Wait for someone to come there (usually some POS clocks in at the time you’re leaving). :)